Landlord Tenant

No landlord wants to be stuck with nightmare tenants, but if you don’t take the right steps, your nightmare is only beginning.

Montana landlords may not, without Court approval, unilaterally evict tenants. The required legal process involves a variety of notices, all of which must be carefully prepared and served. Each phase of the legal process is subject to its own set of deadlines and specific procedures. 

 With our advice, you will know what to expect and how to preserve and protect your property. The lawyers at Orr McDonnell Law, PLLC have over three decades of experience in these matters. We specialize in assisting property managers and owners of rental properties whenever you have a problem tenant.

In Montana, evicting a residential or mobile home tenant can be a daunting process. Montana’s Residential Landlord and Tenant Act of 1977 (MRLTA) and the newer Montana Mobile Home Act, places numerous restrictions on landlords that must be followed to a T. Even slight violations of the MRLTA or the Mobile Home Act can add significant delay to your case and cost you money.

The process and requirements are very detailed and it’s important to understand that every situation is unique. That’s where Orr McDonnell Law PLLC attorneys come in. We know the process because we have been helping landlords for over thirty years.

The attorneys at Orr McDonnell Law, PLLC have successfully handled cases of all types including: