Employment claims

Over the years, the rights of employees and employers in Montana have shifted and flowed. In the early 1980s, employees generally had no expectation of continued employment, were considered “at will” and protections against termination were limited. 

Enacted in 1987, Montana’s Wrongful Discharge From Employment Act added significant protections for employees, only allowing employers to terminate for “good cause.” Montana became the only State in the Union which did not allow “At-Will” termination outside of a preliminary probationary period. 

Now, things have changed again, with new laws carving out business exceptions for terminations which look more like other “At-Will” States. With constantly changing laws and court rulings, understanding your rights can be very complicated. If you’ve been terminated or if you are having trouble with your employer, reach out to the lawyers at Orr McDonnell Law, PLLC. We’ve handled wrongful termination claims against some of the biggest employers in the area including Bob Wards and Sons, Providence Medical Group, Missoula County, and the United States Forest Service.