Contract preparation & negotiation

A contract is generally defined as a legally binding agreement made between parties that acknowledges the rights and duties that govern the arrangement. Contracts can be formed through complex writings, scribbled on a napkin or created by verbal agreement. In its most simple terms, contract preparation is the act of memorializing the terms and conditions of an agreement in writing.

Often parties to a contract will go through numerous drafts and negotiation sessions before a contract is finalized. The goal of contract preparation and negotiation is to create a legally binding instrument that is clear, concise, and as close to the parties’ intentions as possible. Accomplishing this process correctly can help to prevent legal disputes over the contract from arising in the future. In the event that a legal dispute does occur, it can also serve as evidence of the parties’ original intentions and their obligations.

Our attorneys have extensive experience preparing and negotiating contracts. We also have considerable courtroom time litigating contracts. That combined knowledge and experience helps us create legally binding written agreements for our clients.